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‘开云体育平台’谷歌发布新产品 进入后智能手机时代


本文摘要:Google has laid out its most comprehensive vision yet for a post-smartphone era, as it unveiled a range of new software and services partly aimed at catching up with rivals such as Facebook and Amazon.谷歌(Google)为后智能手机时代规划了一幅目前为止最全面的愿景,该公司发布了一系列新的软件和服务,部分目的是追上Facebook和亚马逊(Amazon)等竞争对手。

Google has laid out its most comprehensive vision yet for a post-smartphone era, as it unveiled a range of new software and services partly aimed at catching up with rivals such as Facebook and Amazon.谷歌(Google)为后智能手机时代规划了一幅目前为止最全面的愿景,该公司发布了一系列新的软件和服务,部分目的是追上Facebook和亚马逊(Amazon)等竞争对手。At its annual developer conference, the world’s biggest internet company showed off a new voice-activated device for the home, while also outlining plans for virtual reality headsets, as well as wearable devices that no longer rely on being constantly tethered to smartphones.在谷歌年度开发者大会上,这家全球仅次于互联网公司展出了一款新的家用声控设备,同时阐述了虚拟现实耳机以及仍然依赖一直与智能手机相连的可穿着设备的计划。However, it also used the event to extend and revamp some of its main services for smartphones, including launching a new messaging app, in the latest bid to defend its core search business as mobile habits change.然而,该公司还利用此次大会不断扩大和修复了一些主要智能手机服务,还包括发售一款新的信息应用软件,随着移动习惯的转变,这一近期措施目的维护其核心搜寻业务。

Many of the technologies on display at the event, called Google I/O, will not be available to users for months or even years, though Google promised that several companies would sell VR hardware based on its technology before the end of 2016.在此次取名为谷歌I/O的大会上展出的多数技术必须用户等候数月,甚至数年时间,不过谷歌允诺,几家公司将在今年年底前销售基于其技术的虚拟现实硬件。Showing off advanced technology plans like this was a sign of heightened pressure on Google and its rivals to demonstrate they were taking the lead in important new markets, he added.展出这种高端技术计划指出,谷歌及其竞争对手面对的压力增大,要证明它们在新的最重要市场上占有领先方位。Sundar Pichai, chief executive, acknowledged that Amazon had stolen a march on Google and the rest of the industry with the Echo, a voice-activated device designed to be used around the home.谷歌首席执行官桑德尔皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)否认,凭借在家中用于的声控设备Echo,亚马逊已比谷歌以及该行业其他参与者抢先一步。In response, Mr Pichai unveiled Google Home, a vase-shaped gadget that can be used for voice searches, streaming music or connecting with apps.作为对此,皮查伊发布了花瓶形状的谷歌家居(Google Home),可用作语音搜寻、播出在线音乐或与应用软件相连。


In another bid to catch up with rivals, Google also showed off a new messaging app called Allo.在追上竞争对手的另一次尝试中,谷歌还展出了一款新的信息应用于Allo。Google said it would open Allo to developers so that they could produce interactive, “conversational” apps that run on the service. The move echoes Facebook’s release last month of so-called chatbots to run on its Messenger service.谷歌回应,将向开发者对外开放Allo,这样他们就能研发出有在该服务中运营的交互性“对话”应用于。此举是在对此Facebook上月发布的在其Messenger服务中运营的所谓聊天机器人。The new products and services put artificial intelligence at the centre of Google’s efforts, with Mr Pichai outlining an optimistic vision of machine intelligence solving hard problems in fields such as healthcare. Key to several of the planned services, including Home and Allo, is a new “smart” assistant that runs in the background and is designed to make Google’s products more responsive and intelligent.新的产品和服务将人工智能置放谷歌计划的核心,皮查伊阐述了机器智慧解决问题医疗等领域难题的悲观愿景。

几项已规划服务(还包括谷歌家居和Allo)的关键是一个新的“智能”助手,它在后台运营,目的让谷歌的产品反应更慢也更加智能。The internet company also flexed its muscles with Android, the mobile software which is used in about 80 per cent of all smartphones.这家互联网公司还展出了在大约80%智能手机上用于的手机软件安卓(Android)的实力。The software is being used as the platform for VR headsets due out later this year, a move that could be attractive to developers already used to producing apps for the software and give Google an advantage over companies that are further ahead in VR, such as Facebook.该软件于是以被用于将于今年晚些时候发售的虚拟现实耳机的平台,此举有可能对那些已习惯于为该软件制作APP的开发者极具吸引力,而且可能会彰显谷歌相对于Facebook等在虚拟现实领域领先一步的公司的优势。